Runbox 7 won't update

On my iPhone and iPad Runbox 7 is still on build number 2019-06-30, while on my MacBook the latest version is 2019-08-14. How can I update the former to the latest version?
I use Safari on all devices.

Have you used the “Add to homescreen” feature on iOS so that it appears as a regular app? Also PWA support on iOS is best with the latest versions ( current latest is iOS 12.4 ).

The app updates itself and offer to restart whenever there’s a new version installed. If you decline the update prompt on iOS, you can log out and in again to reload with the latest version.

If you have done all this and it still fails to update ( haven’t experienced that myself ), then try removing from the home-screen and add it again.

Yes, as a PWA on iOS 12.4

That did the trick. Log out/log in. I had to use the log out button.

Very good! Note that this is a difference between iOS and Android when it comes to PWAs. On Android it’s enough to close the app and open it again, while closing the app on iOS will not really close it. It still resides in memory, keeping its state, and that’s why a mechanism to reload the app is needed on iOS, which is currently only available by logging out and in again. It might be worth considering adding a reload button somewhere so that it’s possible to reload the app without having to log out.