Runbox and Spam Filtering


I look after the email of about 10 employees. One has recently started getting a lot of spam (20 per day), from multiple senders, but all of them with a .icu address.

This employee uses MS Outlook on his computer (a Windows machine), and has been marking these emails as “Spam” in Outlook, but they still keep coming through to his main Inbox folder.

Two questions;

  1. Does Runbox have any spam filtering capability, that identifies spam and sends it directly to a Spam folder?

  2. What other option is there to better manage this?

Thanks for any advice.


Hello. Yes, there are spam filtering options in each account and they are on by default. You can also use filters to block persistent senders but that doesn’t work so well if the mail is coming from different addresses.

If you log in to the account that is receiving the spam you will also see options under Manager >> Filter to turn on Cloudmark spam filtering. This can help in certain cases. If you want us to look at the spam statistics for a particular account to see if we can make further recommendations that I would suggest opening at ticket at


Thanks. Will follow your suggestion below.


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