Runbox Deleted My Account!

On the 6th September I desided to change my email over to Runbox, and signed up for the Mini account. I paid via Coinbase using some left over Crypto which I had in my account.

The receipt for which is here: Coinbase Commerce

Once the payment had been accepted, I logged out and didn’t think anything more about it. Yesterday I logged into my Runbox account, only to find they have delete my account. I am at a loss as to why this was, the account was paid for, and not a single email had been sent or received yet.

I emailed customer support, but they are yet to explain what the ■■■■ they are doing.

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Hi @alfred6688 and welcome to the forum – and apologies for the belated response to your message here.

In order to identify your support request it would be helpful if you could either post the support ticket number here, or the URL to this thread in the support ticket.

We will then get this issue sorted out as quickly as possible.

– Geir