Runbox HTTP Server Down

Hi there! I pay for a web plan with RB, and the web server is currently down. I can’t access my site nor can I access the administration page.

What’s going on, and if you can provide an update, I look forward to it.

Upon closer examination, I cannot access my own website or its administration via my personal IP.

Hello. The web server is up and running and hasn’t been down according to our monitoring. Using something like the “Is it down right now” website isn’t reliable as there is no proper website at but instead you can check another website that is there such as: (or your own website if it is operating)

I sounds like your IP address has got blocked in the firewall, especially if you get nothing at all and just a browser timeout. If you open a support request and let us know your IP we can get this looked in to for you. Thank you.

I was able to find a solution to my problem.

In addition to the code you guys ran as root, I also added my IP as an exception to my .htaccess file.