Runbox is CONSTANTLY down

Seriously guys, what the ■■■■? Runbox is constantly down. I joined runbox at the beggining of the year and there are constant issues with IMAP connections. It’s happening again. Just a few weeks ago, there was almost a whole day without being able to check my email.

Check and you’ll see tons of issues. And the funny thing is that not all instances of downtime are there, some of them are only on runbox’ twitter…

Can you please fix your stuff? I am sorry to be so blunt, but I come from another provider where, in 5 years, I had less issues than I had with runbox in 2 months.

@samons As you can tell from, Runbox is currently experiencing brute force attacks on our service.

We are in the process of implementing countermeasures that we expect will be effective, and apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

– Geir