Runbox mail flagged as spam from too many other ISP's


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I am a long term Runbox user, who has had his fair share of classic runbox problems such as system outages with no warning and the problems of a fairly unflexible spam filter (either everything is stopped or nothing is, and yes, I do train it in the webmail client using DSpam) but I still soldier on as I like the interface and I also like the speed of reply to queries in this forum.

However… what’s now making the service almost unusable for me, is the amount of 3rd party mail providers who automatically flag up RUNBOX domain mail as spam.

Large numbers of my clients and customers are not getting my emails (and only very rarely am I getting automated replies to tell me this) because they think that everything at runbox is spam. And I’m not mass mailing; this is individual mails and I’m only a light user of 10 to 20 emails a day.

It appears runbox appears as a spammers’ favourite on some ‘learning’ systems and my mails never arrive. AOL and Yahoo Mail seem to intermittently block my messages and the chances go up ten-fold if I have a MSword attachment. As ever, replying to an incoming message will improve the chance of it appearing at my client’s destination but the frustration of how often my mails never arrive is driving me mad.

The big problem here is the fact that I can never tell if this is happening. When the mail client is down or operating poorly, I can use back-up systems to get round this. But non-appearing mails cannot be allowed for, as I never know if it is happening. I’ve now got into the habit of phoning people to ask if my email arrived, knowing full well that on certain mail clients, runbox is unlikely to ever get through.

I know you need to do the free trials to demo the system to people considering signing up, but if the upshot is that it leaves you with an unreliable and suspicious mail system, what’s the point? There’s a large argument for making runbox subscription only - or better still - come up with a ‘RUNBOXPRO’ that doesn’t have the appalling reputation of runbox with 3rd party servers.

I also concern my issues with one of the Runbox support executives, but they didn’t give me the proper solution. And advised me to ask query here. It’s very frustrating and the reason I’m most likely to move elsewhere right now.

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Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear about the spam problems. Yes, there are issues with offering free trials, but we do have filtering in place that reduces the risk of these accounts, and the accounts are quite limited in what they are able to do.

I am more concerned about the link you posted to “Runbox Support”. That isn’t our company even though they do their best to make it look like they are, and you should not be talking to them about Runbox issues. You should open a support enquiry with us at only or email

If you haven’t done so already I would urge you to do so as we can then look at your account specific spam problem.

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Thanks for your response…!! This is really helpful I asked here about my issue.

Now I understood why they didn’t resolve the issue…!!