Runbox mail will not stay signed in

The Runbox 7 Android phone browser “app” does not stay signed in, even though I check the box to stay signed in every time before signing in. When I close the app, but don’t sign out and open the app again, it is signed out.

Fortunately for my phone Runbox still shows email notifications on the Brave browser icon while Runbox is signed out, so I use my password manager to quickly sign-in to the Runbox browser app.

For my laptop I keep my email open in tabs. When I bring my laptop out of Hibernate my email will still be signed in and give alerts. Of the few webmail services I have been trying, Runbox is the only webmail that will not stay signed-in all the time, but does stay signed in at least 70% of the time.

For my laptop and Android phone I have the Brave browser set to NOT clear the browsing information when Brave is closed. For my laptop, I don’t clear the Brave browsing info as much as I’d like because I frequently search my browsing history when I can’t remember a website I’m trying to find and didn’t bookmark. So anyway, I don’t think clearing my browsing history is the problem.

Thank you for any recommendations, solutions or web site improvements you can make to resolve this issue.

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