Runbox mail will not stay signed in

The Runbox 7 Android phone browser “app” does not stay signed in, even though I check the box to stay signed in every time before signing in. When I close the app, but don’t sign out and open the app again, it is signed out.

Fortunately for my phone Runbox still shows email notifications on the Brave browser icon while Runbox is signed out, so I use my password manager to quickly sign-in to the Runbox browser app.

For my laptop I keep my email open in tabs. When I bring my laptop out of Hibernate my email will still be signed in and give alerts. Of the few webmail services I have been trying, Runbox is the only webmail that will not stay signed-in all the time, but does stay signed in at least 70% of the time.

For my laptop and Android phone I have the Brave browser set to NOT clear the browsing information when Brave is closed. For my laptop, I don’t clear the Brave browsing info as much as I’d like because I frequently search my browsing history when I can’t remember a website I’m trying to find and didn’t bookmark. So anyway, I don’t think clearing my browsing history is the problem.

Thank you for any recommendations, solutions or web site improvements you can make to resolve this issue.


Hello @anon89969819 and thanks for your feedback!

We can certainly understand that being logged out when not intended can be annoying. However, for security reasons users of secure services might expect the app to terminate the session when it is closed, so this issue needs to balance several concerns regarding usability and security.

Thanks again for your feedback which we will consider as we continue working to improve the Runbox 7 PWA. :slight_smile:

– Geir

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For users that don’t want to stay signed in they simply wouldn’t select the “Stay signed in” box or they would manually sign out of their session.

For users that want to stay signed in, it would be great for that to work as intended, especially for the mobile browser app.


I too would like to see a resolution to this. I do not terminate the app or log out, so I’m not really sure why the option to stay signed in isn’t working. My password manager stores it for me as well, but that’s not really the point. If there’s a checkbox giving the option to stay signed in, I would love for it to work. Anything that can be done to resolve this would be great. Thank you


This is quite frustrating. The app provides the toggle to stay logged in but only does so for a short time. I am less concerned about login security on my mobile because I have the phone locked when not in use.