Runbox on Mastodon?

Is the Runbox on Mastodon an official Runbox account?

The ‘WEBSITE’ and ‘BLOG’ links do not have the verified check/tick mark, so I’m assuming this is NOT official Runbox. is an official Runbox account, they link it from this Twitter/X post.

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Thanks for pointing out that Twitter post, I didn’t see that as I have long since abandoned that platform.

That does appear to be the case, although the lack of any input from persons that I recognise to be actual members of Runbox staff (this forum, blog etc), plus any verification, has made me question this.

You are right, it’s more correct to say that it does appear to be the case. It would be helpful if Runbox could add the Mastodon account on the official homepage and/or verify their Mastodon account.

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