Runbox POP3 in MSOutlook inside Sandboxie-Plus?

Looking for anyone else who combines these two variations on using Runbox email. (If this is the wrong place to post this, please direct me to a better.)

My two Runbox email accounts work fine for POP3 access through Outlook 2019 under Windows 10 (22H2), BUT when I run Outlook inside the sandbox, “Sandboxie-Plus” vs. 1.13.x, my Runbox accounts take a few 10s of seconds to get new mail, whereas another non-Runbox account works fast either way. (This problem did not occur with earlier versions of Sandboxie-Plus!) I’m located inside the USA, so the only difference I can figure is that the other account’s server is also located in the USA, whereas Runbox obviously is not. (This issue is described more fully in the Sandboxie-Plus forum at

Runbox support has convinced me that my problems are not at their end (as also demonstrated by the quick response when Outlook is running outside the sandbox). The developer of Sandboxie-Plus can’t see any reason why his software would treat Runbox differently from any other email provider.

What I need now is somebody else trying to to the same thing with whom to compare notes. Best Regards – jclarkw2

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