Runbox7 Calendar Annotation space


looking at the Calendar, I began to transfer my data on it and I noticed that when you create the event there is only a line for the Subject but no Annotation/Comment space.

Would be possible to have it implemented?

Thank you


The ability to comment as well as to set the occurrence of the event (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, ect). There is a lot to do to make the calendar fully functional but with a few tweaks like comments and event occurrence we can start porting our calendar events to Runbox.

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Yes, completely agree. We’re aware of the limited functionality at the moment and there is a lot more to come on this. We want this to be a place where you keep all the calendar information you need and not just the basics.

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I think it would be better if the New Event screen had controls for setting reminders, including multiple email reminders.



I hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your comment here. If we get more posts here we can make this topic specific to Calendar features.