Sandboxie + uMatrix issues in RB7


Quite the change. Congrats. Especially for the interface’s simplicity.

I usually connect to my Runbox account with Firefox running under Sandoxie. Firefox also has the uMatrix add-on installed.

This setup works flawlessly in the standard Runbox account.

It does not work at all with the new web app. Example: I can’t drag-and-drop an email from the main box to (left-side of the screen) folder. I waited for a while for the Indexing to do its thing, but the results were not different.

I suspect it’s related to Sandboxie first and foremost, as it virtualizes the Firefox process.

Personally, I don’t mind if I don’t have access to the indexed mailboxes for later viewing. Privacy (no Firefox and browsing traces) and security trump speed in this context.

TL;DR Firefox + Sandboxie + uMatrix working under Rb7, as it does now in the standard account, would be awesome.

Welcome to the Runbox 7 Forum, and thanks for the feedback!

Are there any errors in the Web Console in Firefox when you access the app?

In the meantime I’ve relayed this issue to our Runbox 7 team.

  • Geir