Scroll wheel action is ermmm slow on the message list [#960]

I see the scrolling is working now in the folder contents pane. However this pane scrolls too slowly. It moves only a few pixels at a time, compared to an entire viewport-height with the same gesture in other panes.


I’ve moved this message to a new topic so that the issue doesn’t get lost as it was previously part of a topic about a now resolved issue.

Same issue here in Firefox 63, using a touchpad to scroll.

Confirmed on Firefox 63. I checked in Chromium, and there are no issues.

We have made some changed to this now. Can you try reloading the page and see if it behaves better for you now please?

Edit: Spoke too soon. It’s not quite on the production servers yet :slight_smile: I’ll be back when it is.

OK. Now you can try it out. Sorry for the false alarm earlier :slight_smile:

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In folders with many messages, when using the mouse scroll wheel, it appears to go from the first to the last message with a single scroll wheel step. This occurs with the default three line scroll distance for the Windows mouse settings.

Even when I have it set to my preferred scroll distance of a single line, it scrolls through a large enough section that a significant number of message lines are skipped over. This issue makes it difficult to browse through a list without having to make use of dragging the scroll bar.

I am using Google Chrome 71.0.3578.98 in Windows 10 version 1803. I have noticed this problem for about a week now.

I am unable to recall if I was aware of it prior to the;
09 Dec, 2018
Issue #957: Fix for table mousewheel scrolling in firefox. The standard onwheel enforced by Angular events works in all browsers and does not require a specific handler for Firefox.

Thanks for your message.

Scrolling has been discussed and adjusted in Scroll wheel action is ermmm slow on the message list [#960], but it seems to still need calibration for various browsers/platforms so we’ll continue improving on this.

– Geir

I’ve merged your topic/comment in to the existing topic for scrolling issues so that we can keep everything in the same place :slight_smile: