Scrolling randomly causes glitch

In the message list column when I scroll the list sometimes creates a new window within the column. It has very small text of the message list and some of the text illegible - glitched out. I go back to Runbox 6 and then back to Runbox 7 and the messages column is back to normal. But it’ll sometimes glitch out again when I scroll. I’m using webmail in Firefox 86.0 (64 bit) on a Windows 10 machine.

This happens to me, too, on mobile Firefox Daylight 86.1.1 (Build #2015794881) on Android 8.1.0. Those are my current versions, but it’s been happening for a while.

Hey Sarah, how do you access your Runbox acct on Android? I’m using MailDroid but not totally satisfied.

What you describe sounds like this issue which we are currently working to debug and resolve:

It shouldn’t be necessary to switch to Runbox 6 and then back to Runbox 7 to reset the message list – it’s usually enough click to another section of Runbox 7 and back again.

Another option is to uncheck the “Keep preview pane open” option in the message list settings menu, but this obviously isn’t a satisfying solution in the long run.

– Geir

I use the Android mobile Firefox browser to access the Runbox client as a saved app.