Search doesn't seem to work

Search seems to be not working as well as it used. For instance I get a newsletter from Sound n Sound. If I put sound or Sound in the search nothing comes up from SoundonSound, but it will bring up other emails with the word sound in them somewhere. I was trying to find a previous email from an order confirmation; noting came up if I searched with any of the words contained in “from” or “subject”, I also tried advanced search with date yyyymmdd (and yyyy/mm/dd) which also produced no results from the day I searched. This is with both Runbox 6 and Runbox 7.

Also am I right in finding that you can’t sort by columns in Runbox 7 the way you can in Runbox6

r.g brown … I encounter similar issues with 7 beta searches and is same with runbox 6. When query search, there are too many results in the search that are not applicable at all to the query that I am searching- even when searching with detail.

On the other-hand, is awesome.

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Hello. You can sort by columns if you have the index synchronised to your browser.

If you still have search issues please contact us at Runbox Support and we will be happy to help.

@r.g.brown and @Dando Thanks for your messages and welcome to the community!

We have noticed similar symptoms and are investigating what might be causing it. In the meantime any further details you might notice that could indicate a pattern would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

– Geir

I thnk this might be date related.

If I search just with a date nothing comes up after January 2023. Looking at a list which comes up if I search for a word it looks like only pre 2023 Jan items appear. I can search perfectly well with other clients (Mail, both MacOS and iOs, Vivaldi browser,, Windows Mail, Thunderbird)

Also even with making sure my account is synchronised, I can’t see any way to sort by different columns. I was assuming you just click on column headings like RB6; and then on on Andorid phone there are no column headings. I’ve looked at the settings preferences. All I can do with columns is resize them.

I’ve made sure RB7 is synchronised by checking the synchronise now function, but still see no way to sort by any of the columns; this is with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Edge on Windows 10 and Macos

However I have a portable installation on my work desktop of Firefox which I just happened to open in frustration and it does show arrows by the columns. I also have another portable installation which doesn’t. I tried installing a portable version of Firefox on my home laptop but that doesn’t work either.

Strangely the Firefox version that works also lets me search for emails later than Jan 2023 in RB7, but with RB6 only items prior to Jan 2023. In all cases I’ve switched of any extensions I’ve been running.