Searching issues

Whenever I search for something, it works fine. It searches all folders, not just the folder i am in. The issue arises when I want to delete stuff based on a search. I select what i want, and trash it. However the search box is not updated, obviously as the searching searches all boxes including trash. It took me a while to realize this and had to undo my search for the emails to no longer show in the inbox. Then if i search again it searches everywhere so i cannot distinguish what has already been trashed and what has not been.

Thanks for your comments on this. We will be able to look at this again as we continue with development. It has been suggested that the search list include the folder in which messages have been found, which is just one possible solution to this.

There seems to be a bug that prevents messages moved to Trash from being removed from the index, as messages in Trash and Spam are not currently being indexed.

We can either fix this bug, or we can change the behavior to index messages in Trash (and Spam) as well – although this might impact indexing performance.

I’d be interested in hearing opinions on this.

  • Geir

While I am only one voice, it makes no sense to search the trash when doing a global search. Generally anything in trash has been manually put there. Spam or suspected spam will not go to the trash folder.

I guess one way to do it would to set the global search to not search spam and trash. Or have an option to search current folder only (default) and if no results come up or not what the person is looking for have an option to search all folders.

An alternative would be to have some other indication when doing a search that the results are in the trash/spam. Different color or add a column that displays the folder name.

If an action is performed on search results, can the search results be cleared? That would eliminate the problem i had when deleting stuff from a search and not realizing that it had actually been moved.

Honestly i am not sure what the best way to tackle this little issue.

set the global search to not search spam and trash.

search current folder only (default) and [the] option to search all folders.

Just to throw my 2 cents in I would like to see a combination of both of these. I don’t need spam or trash searched unless I’m specifically in those folders looking for something.

I prefer a “current folder as default” method when searching my emails. If I’m in a specific folder, it’s because I’m looking for something I’ve moved into it. Having results come up for other folders often makes it more cumbersome. Adding Nathaniel’s 2nd suggestion, the option to expand the search to all folders (using something like a simple filter link or button), would cover almost all scenarios and users.

Edit: Sorry didn’t notice the age of the last post.

That’s not a problem. This is something we are still working on so all comments are welcome. I would tend to agree that searching everything by default may not be useful in a significant number of situations.