Searching needs more feedback

When I ran a search in RB7, I thought nothing was happening because nothing did happen until I entered the third character.

I have since verified that RB6, in contrast, even though it supposedly uses the same underlying technology, responds from the first keystroke, which is what I expect in a responsive search.

If there is now a three-character minimum query (I certainly hope not, because it seems like a step backwards) that needs to be stated accordingly.

Hi @wmrbf and thanks for your message.

Depending on the usefulness of search terms with 2 or fewer characters we may change the behavior of Runbox 7, but in our experience such search terms will usually return too many results.

– Geir

Hi @Geir,

I can certainly understand your rationale; however, if three characters is decided as the practical minimum, it needs to be clearly stated so that people will not assume (as I did) that it was merely taking a very long time to do a query. The difference in behavior between RB6 and RB7 makes this kind of false assumption even more likely, if one is expecting the behavior of RB6.

That, rather than any desire for short queries, is why I posted this issue. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Been thinking a bit about this, and since the current search puts a wildcard in the end by default, a single or two character search returns too many results. However if we skip the wildcard if typing one or two characters it makes more sense to allow searching for just one or two character-terms.

Does that seem like a way to solve it?

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That would seem to be one way (though as a non-programmer I don’t know if it’s technically possible, of course).

Really, though, I’d be happy with a simple notice posted that three characters or more are required for searching. Surely that is possible.