Select multiple items

I tried RB7 ages ago, and to be honest, I did not like it all that much. There is too much about it that I did not like compared to RB6. But I am going to give RB7 another go and see.

How does one select multiple messages apart from one by one? in RB6, I could click on one message, click control or shift and then click a message further down and it would select the whole bunch between the first and the last one I clicked. I cannot seem to get that to work in RB7. I have to click one by one. But if I know I have 20 messages I want to delete, in RB6, I click on the first one, then shift click on the 20th and it selects all the messages.


RB7 still needs improvements for sure in many fields, IMHO.
There’s a way to select multiple items, by the way.
You can see in the screenshot attached that there’s a “master selection box” on top of all the single seletion boxes. Left clicking it, you’ll select/deselect all the visible mails in the column (usually 10/12 mail max). Right clicking on it allows you to select the whole column instead (including non visible mails). This way you can select hundreds, even thousands of items at once. But yes, there’s no convenient way to select items from A to B in a semi-manual way, like in RB6.

@ilcieco I know of that, however, for me, that option is pretty useless. Often times it will be, click on this one, keep the next 2 messages, then select the next 5, then keep 1, then select 4… etc… so i can quickly keep the ones i want and then delete the rest. The ability to select all that is visible on the screen is pretty useless. With the old way with RB6, i can click on one, scroll down multiple screens worth of emails and then click the last one and everything in between is selected, even if they are now no longer visible.

And how would you select hundreds or thousands with your method short of doing one screen load at a time, so maybe 20ish at a time? So click that icon, it selects whatever is visible, page down, repeat until i get them all then click the trash can. Not exactly quick. Certainly quicker than one by one, but still no where near as versatile as RB6.


Right click on it does nothing. I have to long press to get that option to select all rows. But there seems to be a bug. I long press… then select all rows… great. works fine. I then deselect everything. Long press again and set it to visible. when i click that master square again, it continues to select everything, not just what is visible. The only way to fix it is to click on another folder and then come back. Then the option that i had previously selected “visible” will work

I agree RB7 is not well designed to perform the taks you’re aiming for.
Despite that, you could select thousands using the option “all rows”.
For example, searching all the mails from a certain address, then “Select all Rows” wil select all of them, no matter if they are 5, 25 or 4000. Then you can move or delete them at once.

True. My workflow is as follows… I use Thunderbird (pop) for long-term storage, so I never have thousands of emails stored on the server. But I don’t open TB all the time. So when I am at work, I keep the web interface open. I get legit emails, then spam, or stuff I don’t need to keep. With RB6 I click on 1 I don’t want, shift-click down 2 or 3 and then let go and skip the one or 2 I want, then repeat. So I may only have 40-60 at a time to work with. So by the time I open TB, I no longer have to worry about the stuff I do not need to keep. It would be nice if they could somehow bring that feature to RB7. For me, at least, it is something I use all the time. I wonder if there are any plans to bring that feature back