Selecting/scrolling issues


I have mentioned this in the past, but it seems it has not been resolved. When i select everything on a page and i need to page down, i would click on the scroll bar and drag down. However as the scroll bar is “behind” the action icons I cannot select the scroll bar. It simply will not allow me to click and drag the scroll bar down. I have to click below the icons on the scroll bar to get the bar to move. Once the bar is visible below the icons, i can then click on it and drag it down. I am not too sure how to explain it, so i hope that makes some kind of sense.

I get the impression that while the action icons are round, they are bounded by an invisible rectangular box that is in front of the scroll bar. So while i am trying to click on the scroll bar, i am really clicking on that invisible bounding box.



If i have a preview window enabled, and i select a bunch of emails. There is no option to delete the bunch. The only trash can that shows up (in the preview window) will only delete the currently visible message, not the whole bunch that i selected. If i remove the preview window, my entire selection deselects, forcing me to select everything all over again.


If i select a page full of emails, I then click on the scroll bar to scroll down. If i miss the scroll bar by mistake, it will deselect everything. So if i select multiple messages on many pages, and i accidentally click to the side of the scroll bar instead of on it to get to the next page, all the work i did to select messages is wasted and i have to start all over again.


It would be nice to be able to click on the first email and then shift or control click on the next one to select a bunch. Now the only way to do it is to click and drag.


When i use the mouse wheel to scroll, it gives the impression that i am scrolling through honey. I scroll and scroll and the window barely moves in the direction i want it to. Yet if i go to another website, such as this forum, it barely takes scrolling (using the wheel) to move pages down. Again, not sure if i am expressing this correctly or not.

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Hi and thanks for your message.

  1. A fix for this is in the pipeline now.

  2. These issues are now added here:,

  3. Currently clicking a message entry will for convenience also select it (otherwise you would have to specifically click the check box). If other users agree, we might change this behavior.

  4. You can currently click and drag up or down to select multiple check boxes. An issue for supporting Shift has also been added here:

  5. This is being discussed in Scroll wheel action is ermmm slow on the message list [#960] and a fix has recently been deployed. It seems to work well in Firefox on Windows 10 now.

– Geir