Sending Mail to Groups

Good Morning

I use Runbox amongst other things, to send email notification of an impending Zoom meeting for my photography group. It is sent to 26 people, as a group, so the mail goes to everyone at the same time. I have had notification from a number of recipients to say that their mails have not been received until the following morning, meaning they have missed the meeting. Can you tell me why not everyone is getting their mail at the same time?

Thank You

Hello Nigel, and welcome to the forum.

In situations like this we would look in our mail delivery logs to see when we handed over the messages from our servers to the servers of the receiving email service.

To look at this we would need you to open a support ticket at as we will need to ask you what the From, To, Subject and Date/Time of the message you sent which is private information.

There isn’t any reason why this would be related to Runbox 7 so I’ll move this topic to the general chat section.

Hi Dave and thanks for the reply,

I have already registered for support but when I used my saved details
to try and access it I got an invalid email or password response.

Subject was “Please join Zoom meeting in progress”
Time of message was 20:02 yesterday.
Message was sent to 27 recipients, 14 of which joined within 5/10
minutes, some of whom were unavailable to join and at least 1 who didn’t
get the message until this morning.

Thanks in advance


Hello. Did you try the password reset feature on your support account?

Unfortunately we do need to do it that way as I need to ask for the specific email addresses. I can’t easily track a single message to 27 recipients without knowing who they were and I don’t want you to give me those details here.