Sent mail not showing in sent mailbox


I just sent two emails in Thunderbird from my Runbox account. They are not showing in the sent mailbox for Runbox in either Thunderbird or Runbox 6 or 7 webmail. If I search for something in the message body in Thunderbird, it finds them and says they are in the Sent mailbox but not specifially in the Runbox sent mailbox.

I think this happened before when I thought I had sent an email but then couldn’t find it and started to wonder if I had actually sent it at all. Not a good state to be in.

Any ideas?

Don’t expect immediate updates, it usually can take a while but they should eventually appear.

It’s already 3 hours and it is still not showing but as I said Thunderbird will find it if I search.

Firstly, I would check if Thunderbird is actually online, if you hover your cursor over the icon (bottom-left of screen of TB) it should say ‘You are currently online’.

If you are online, check in the ‘Local Folders/Outbox’ to see if the sent e-mails are there. Also check the Runbox settings: Copies & Folders, it should say ‘When sending messages, automatically: Place a copy in Sent Folder on Runbox’.

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Runbox was receiving and sending emails fine so it was/is online but taking your suggestion I checked the Copies and Folders setting and it was set to put them in LocalFolders.

I also checked the other various provider accounts and some of those also had some incosistent settings in Copies and Folders. I have been using Thunderbird since version 1 and have had my Runbox account since 2004 so it’s odd that this just happened.

On further investigation I have found 12 sent emails in LocalFolders sent over the past 6 weeks but most were in their proper place.

Thanks for the tips. I will just keep an eye on it for the next month.


It may also be an idea to check any identities that you’ve created in Thunderbird, making sure that the outgoing server (SMTP) is the correct one.