Setting DKIM correctly with domain hosted elsewhere (namecheap)


I have my own domain hosted at namecheap and use it in combination with runbox.
I have set up SPF as described here and DKIM as here: DKIM signing | Runbox Help

Is there a way to check that everything is working fine?
SPF seems to work for me. At least gmail tells me it passed when I look at the header of the mail but DKIM seems to fail: there’s a

dkim=neutral (bad format)

in the header of the mail. Also in the runbox dkim settings it says that it can’t find the CNAME in the DNS. I did set it up by following How do I add TXT/SPF/DKIM/DMARC records for my domain? - Domains -

However I have clue why it seems to not work and on which side the issue might be? Has anybody done this already or knows how to debug these things?

You can use the DKIM checker at

The format to enter is “” without the quotes.

If you need more help checking this out please contact us at and we can look in to this on an account basis. Thank you.

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Thanks! I figured it out now. :slight_smile: