Setting-up DKIM for mail

While setting up DKIM in the admin interface, i’m a bit puzzled by the help page, let me ask here: the help page ( so as the admin interface ( suggest that the CNAME records should have a trailing point after the hostname and the hostname and the alias address. Is it the case?

There is no straightforward answer to this unfortunately.

Technically speaking all domains have a trailing point/dot (try putting in your browser and it will work). Therefore in our instructions we just conform to the technical standard.

However, interfaces for adding DNS records often differ as to whether this is required or not. If you are trying to add some DKIM CNAME records and you aren’t sure then the best thing to do it look at how other entries for your domain are formatted and follow that for your provider’s interface. If you are still not sure, open a support request with us and send us a screen shot of the interface and we’ll see if we can advise you on what to do.

@Dave, without the trailing point it worked for me, thanks!

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