Slow delivery of emails

I use RB6. Several years ago I upgraded to 7 but had disappointing results and so I reverted to 6. My problem is, when I am in a phone conversation with a person and that person sends me an email with supporting documentation, the email takes several minutes before it is delivered. This is a problem because sometimes info in the email needs to be acted upon during the telephone conversation. This has been going on for a while but I’m sure that in the past this wasn’t problem. Other email services such as gmail don’t have this delay issue. Any suggestions folks?

Unfortunately Runbox does tend to be slow when delivering emails - in the past I’ve seen delays of up to 10 minutes but I haven’t experienced that level of delay since. From my experience email seems to have the worst delays when it is from a new or infrequent sender.

I’ve checked a few of my own recent emails:

  • one email originating from a new sender (who use Office 365) took 13 seconds to arrive.
  • a different email originating from a frequent sender (who use Amazon SES) took 6 seconds to arrive.

There isn’t much we can do as users except hope that Runbox will improve their speeds. The delay happens on Runbox servers when the email is being checked for spam.

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Yes. I was with Fastmail previously and emails arrived pretty instantly. Slow delivery is a deal-breaker for me and I am seriously considering moving back to Fastmail.

Can we turn off spam-checking? I run my own spam service using SpamSieve but I can’t find out how to stop Runbox checking too.

You can turn off spam checking on

Thank you. Let’s see what happens now!

All messages are scanned for spam regardless of the setting in the interface. The setting controls whether the spam filter is active or not (i.e. the rule which moves spam to the Spam folder).

Some time ago there were delays with spam scanning but that has been improved. If you have evidence of long delays then please open a ticket with us and send in the message headers which will show where the delay is (Message Headers | Runbox Help). If it is still in the spam scanning stage we can look at this again. Thank you.