Slow to load compose window

I have been noticing some strange issues for the last while with RB7. When I hit compose, the screen comes up, but the HTML editor takes between 10-15 seconds to show up before I can start to enter my message. It then becomes quick for any other message I wish to write. As if it has loaded in cache. If I do not write an email for a while, it goes back to 10-15 seconds to load the editor.

On occasion, the editor comes up in text mode, and this is quick to come up regardless. However, if i press HTML editor, then I can wait 10-15 seconds for it to come up.

I have also run into another issue. Not as often, but enough that it is annoying. I start to compose my message and all of a sudden, the editor closes. Sometimes I see the draft and can continue writing, but more often than not, what I had been writing vanishes. It usually happens as I start typing, not halfway through. Most annoying.

Is there a reason, when I hit compose, that it brings up the drafts folder and lists the drafts there? I find it annoying and visually hard to deal with. I want to compose a new message. I do not care about the drafts. If I want to edit a draft, I will go to the drafts folder to do so.