SMTP Outage ⛔️

What in the world is going on at Runbox?

Why have we been dealing with so many issues lately?
nodeping shows a 90% uptime for today; email isn’t something that should work 90% of the time…

The past two weeks have made us want to switch providers; I continue to lose faith and trust in runbox.

Why should I continue to use your services after the past two weeks of constant issues?


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I am also having a ton of issues. Like the inability to login into the web app, or if I can - it takes forever to load. Also, emails load slowly once in web app and when I click to other areas, like settings, it takes a long time to load. I have 200mbs internet service so it is not that. What is going on?

Hello and thanks for your messages.

We have been experiencing brute force attacks today and have been working to mitigate these. We apologize for the instability you have experienced during this time.

We have now improved our defensive capabilities in order to more effectively prevent future attacks.

Please see our status post for more information:

– Geir