Some messages are missing from Runbox 7 inbox

Some messages appear in the Runbox 6 inbox but do not appear in my Runbox 7 inbox. The count of messages is the same in both. For example right now the count says there are 16 messages in my inbox. This is correct: in Runbox 6 there are 16 messages; however, in Runbox 7 there are only 14 messages - 2 messages are missing.

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Hi and thanks for your message.

Are you using local index synchronization, and if so, have you tried stopping and restarting it (bottom of folder pane)?

If this doesn’t help, please contact Runbox Support with your Runbox username and our technicians will be able to investigate the issue.

– Geir

I have tried stopping and starting synchronization as you suggest the but problem persists so I have contacted Support.

I am also seeing this issue. 5 emails in Inbox in the old version. Runbox 7 showed 1.

However when I toggled sync, I noticed that as soon as I turned it off all 5 messages appeared. When I clicked it back on, it showed maybe 20 emails, ones received today that had been deleted, but it quickly updated that list and went back to only 1.

So it seems that when sync is off, the correct amount of emails were shown. Perhaps at least a manual workaround until the issue is found.

I meet a similar issue in the folders, not in the inbox.

I need to sync off to be able to view some folders content.

Stopping/restarting the synchronization doesn’t help.

Thanks for your comments. Yes it seems we need to look at this further. Just for your information, when synchronisation is turned off Runbox 7 uses the same database as with RMM6 so you should then see the same messages.

I know this is being looked in to, so this note is just to say that this is something I have been seeing all along as well. My index has already been reset by support, but the issue came right back, and the only way I can run things is by not synchronizing my index.

Cheers, Mattias

Is it just the message count that isn’t correct, or are some messages actually missing in Runbox 7 – and if so, are they the same messages, or do they change over time?

– Geir

There were some messages missing - always the same few messages. I deleted those messages a couple of weeks ago. Since then, the problem has gone away. Now there are mo missing messages.