Some messages are not shown


Some messages are not shown in the bottom panel.

Nothing simply comes up.

It is also impossible to mark the message as unread or read. For instance, this message (check attachment).

How shall I address this incident?

Carlos Dourado
When I was trying to include more info such as Firefox version, I realized that there must a cache issue of some sort, as the messages which are not shown seem to have been already deleted by other device.

I opened a new window, and forced a refresh, but to no avail… those zombie messages are still there.

For the record, issue occurred with Firefox 58.02 and Window 10.

Carlos Dourado

Still no content for those messages? There might be a delay as the indexer is getting the content of the messages.


Could you check the empty messages in Runbox 6 and see whether there is HTML content only?


  • Geir

Hi all.

I am afraid I cannot find those messages, but I will do so if I come across this issue again.

Carlos Dourado