Specific pre-configured filtering tool

Hello there,
After testing this new runbox version I was thinking if do you believe it is possible to have pre-configured filters checking the type of emails and able to order as soon as it is received. I was thinking like a filtering on the travel emails for exemple.
If we receive a travel email from a flight company or an hotel then we have directly a summary box of it with the main information (dates, check-in, etc…) and then after that the complete email will be below this box. And if we can link it to a calendar would be great.
I don’t know if it was already requested. If yes, sorry for this message.
I really hope this feature will be implemented or at least will be on the road map.
As you maybe guess, this feature is already in Gmail and as some people (like me :p) travel a lot, it will be extremely useful for them to help them to organize their life.
To be honest, I was a runbox customer with my family before but I left cause of the webmail of the 80’s, the mobile apps missing, and this kind of feature super useful for me. As the new webmail is coming now I’m considering to come back as the customer support was really the best I had but those features are now really mandatory for me (this is a matter of choice). But I would love to come back and stop the Google pro subscription. :slight_smile:
Anyway your new webmail is really a good start and I like the way it takes. You will have the basis of the competitions now and you will be able to innovate in your frontend products. I like!

Stop my blabla and thx for reading this message until the end. :wink:


Thanks for this. Yes, in time this is the sort of functionality we would like to include so that it reduces the amount of work you have to do to organise things in your calendar. We’ve already talked about being able to detect .ics attachments in emails so that we can offer the option to add events to a calendar. This is basic stuff as you say, but in the new interface it is much more possible to do as we are building it with these ideas in mind.

Thanks for the positive comments about the new webmail, we’ll keep working on it to make it better and better.