Suggestion: the option of icons AND text for UI buttons

Runbox 6 has text for everything, whereas much of Runbox 7 is communicated via icons, requiring a mouseover to discover the function if it’s not abundantly clear. (one could make the argument that the Trash icon somewhat also resembles a clipboard, for example.) Icons and their function can be even more difficult to interpret for those with low vision – for example, the elderly. Some text mixed in can go a long way to fix this.

I would love to see a mix of both approaches, or at least, the option for it. I do understand that many may prefer the existing layout, and they should be allowed to keep it if it works for them. I’m not a fan of the text-heavy approach of Runbox 6, either, but Runbox 7 can be made a lot friendlier with some text in the right places.

Hi @wmrbf and thanks for your suggestion.

There are text descriptions on the main menu elements, but I agree that the message action menu items/buttons could also have these as an option and I’ve added this issue for it:

– Geir