Switch between accounts with PWA

I have two Runbox accounts (different email addresses, different logins). When I save Runbox 7 as an app, it works great … until I try to log out of one account and login to the other.

  1. Logout from account A: takes me to classic Runbox login screen
  2. Login to account B: takes me to classic Runbox Webmail
  3. Click link “Try Runbox 7 (beta)”
  4. After the “working” icon in lower right finishes, the “inbox” message list is duplicated in the upper left corner, on top of the existing inbox message list. If I swipe to scroll, only the little one scrolls. This goes away if I select another folder, open a message, etc., but still weird.
  5. Logout from account B: takes me to classic Runbox login screen
  6. Login to account A: takes me to classic Runbox Webmail
  7. Click link “Try Runbox 7 (beta)”
  8. Inbox message list is missing the latest month. If I go to another folder and come back, then it has the most recent. Sometimes (not always) it shows me a message list that is missing the latest month AND it’s the list from the other account.
  9. Logout from account A: takes me to classic Runbox login screen
    Login to account B: takes me to classic Runbox Webmail
  10. Click link “Try Runbox 7 (beta)”
  11. Same issues as 8 above, but also the folder list is showing account A folders, not B folders.

I turned off synchronization because that seemed to be causing additional issues. I was hoping it would take care of the ones above, but no joy.

I’m wondering if there is a way I can switch between these two accounts without so much drama.

Android 8.1.0
Firefox 67.0

Hello Sarah,

Thanks for reporting this. We have an open bug on this issue, that we are working on.

The best way to deal with this for now is to use two different web browsers like Firefox for one account and Chrome for the other account.

I’m not familiar with Firefox on Android, but does it have a persistent Private mode? If you switched to Private mode, does it change the experience at all?

Suggestion to the Dev team… something I’d really find useful, too.

  • Multi-Account support.

Allow us to sign into multiple accounts at once, and then switch between them. This is standard practice in other services now, and Runbox 7 should definitely put this on the drawing board. It’s not really optional in today’s web app age. Assuming people only have one account is placing too narrow a focus on the design. I have dozens of accounts across my many businesses, for example.


I would definitely vote for multi-account support, as suggested by @TheDigitalOrchard!

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Statistically speaking the average Runbox customer has more than one account, but less than two accounts so as you can imagine we don’t get asked about this often - but it does come up from time to time.

I think it would be a great feature for some people and a good selling point. I believe our developers are aware of these requests so it is something we will be looking in to. It’s not high on the list of priorities, but should be doable.

I should just point out though that Runbox was built on a model of privacy, even to the extend that in the past Main accounts couldn’t change the details and passwords on sub-accounts and could only open and close them. This has changed a little over the years, but the expectation of many is that Runbox accounts are private even when they are sub-accounts.

I think what we are looking at here is something that is more of a business type feature, and business features are something we want to introduce in the future.