Synchronisation after reading new emails on RB7

Hi, I use RB7 and Thunderbird on laptop and iOS Mail on phone. I noticed that after reading new mails on RB7, imap clients are not updated (still marked as unread even through I refresh) till the next new email comes in. If I read new mails on imap clients, it will be updated in other imap clients upon refresh. It seems like RB7 is not updating mail status to the server.

Hi @saunada,

I have attempted to reproduce this with Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

Opening messages in Runbox 7 (in Firefox) marks them as read in Thunderbird without any further action taken.

In Apple Mail on iOS, manually refreshing the folder or switching folders seems to be required for the read status to update.

Regardless, the read status on the server is correct in both cases.

– Geir

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Hi Geir, thank you for reproducing and testing out the issue. Seems to be working for me now. For months, reading emails on RB7 does not update on imap4 clients till the next new email comes in. Maybe it’s just user (me) problem.

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