"Tasks" calendar when using CalDAV

When using CalDAV, 3 calendars are created on mobile apps. Home, Work and Tasks. Tasks however does not sync.

Setup instructions for desktop clients say to use Home as the default. Also, Tasks is not visible at all when using Runbox 7’s calendar and I get the idea that the devs don’t want us using it.

The problem is that on several of the calendar applications I’ve tested, Tasks is the default when creating a new calendar event. Even when deselecting Tasks from being shown in the calendar apps, that is still the default when creating a new event.

Of course when creating the event I have the option to select another calendar, such as Home, but to have to do that every time is obviously frustrating.

Now I do understand that this may not be an issue as much with Runbox as with the apps, or the way CalDAV works. However my question/suggestion is this: since it seems as if using Tasks is discouraged/ not supported, why do you not just disable it? Home/Work is plenty and I’d rather see the Tasks category removed entirely if it is not working and especially when causing issues with some users.


The reason tasks do not show up on the Runbox 7 interface is because it’s a different kind of calendar that the Runbox 7 UI does not yet support – that’s why we don’t display it there. Basically, while Home and Work are actual calendars, Tasks is a TODO-list, which is a bit of a different beast. It is supported and should sync though: I’m using it successfully in Thunderbird, for example. If it’s not working for you then it’s a bug we should investigate.

The Tasks “calendar” does indicate that it’s not supposed to contain calendar events (in technical details: it lists its “supported component set” as VTODO instead of VEVENT) which your CalDAV app should recognize – and know better than to use Tasks as a default “calendar”. If it doesn’t, then it’s wrong or bugged.

You can remove any of the calendars yourself if you want to: including Tasks. If your app doesn’t allow you to do that (it should), then I can remove it for you manually to save you the hassle :­)

Tasks/TODOs support are still very much on the radar for Runbox 7. I’ve built a working prototype but had to lay it off for a while as more pressing issues came up. I can’t promise anything at this point but we may be able to put something working up somewhere in autumn this year if all goes well :­)

Hi Tadzik and thanks for your reply. Yes for some reason both the calendar in BlueMail as well as Samsungs built in calendar default to Tasks. I agree it is odd.

After checking both apps I can unselect Tasks bit that doesn’t stop it from still being the default. If you could remove it and also Work I would appreciate it as I use the one calendar for all events/tasks.

Thank you and I appreciate your help!