The email layout

Hello… Can version 7 look like 6? I don’t like the layout of 7 it looks more like Microsoft Outlook. I like how version 6 looks

Well, since its been a few days now I’m guessing not then. If I have to use 7 I will be closing 3 accounts and looking else where, thanks for your services

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Runbox 7 is very new at the moment and still in beta. We do plan to add customisation to how it looks, but at the moment we are focusing on making sure we bring across all the features from Runbox 6 as well as adding new ones in Runbox 7.

Runbox 6 will be around for a while yet, but eventually when the time is right for the majority of people we will retire it because it will increasingly become outdated in terms of supporting the technology it uses.

I doubt whether Runbox 7 will ever be able to look exactly like Runbox 6 as it just isn’t designed to be like Runbox 6. What would be useful is if you could tell us what specific parts of Runbox 7 you would change and how you would change them so that it works better for you. It’s likely that other people here on the forum will agree with some (or all) of your suggestions and that will help us build a list of priorities to work on.

Thank you.

Hello … Thanks for responding. I like 6 because it’s a simple layout. 7 look more like Microsoft Outlook . For me, I like things simple and 6 is it. I don’t get people nowadays feeling they must change their product while there nothing wrong with how it is. It’s like going to certain stores they have this need to change their aisles every now and then, I hate when they do that , it makes me not wanting to shop there. But people can do what they want with their business, just like a consumer can shop where ever