The page doesn't scale if not in "maximize"

If I work with a window which isn’t maximised, a substantial and important part of the interface isn’t displayed. This is a fundamental design fault. I don’t mind scrolling if need be, but having a part of the interface simply hidden is unacceptable.

See screen dump:

Where is the blue horizontal panel, with Webmail, Contacts &c icons on the left and Runbox 7 on the right, visible in the full-screen mode?

Win 7 Home, FF 57.0.2

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Click on the menu in the top left and the folder list will expand. For the webmail to be responsive, we need to cut what we display.


No, you misunderstood my point. It’s not about expanding the folder list (discussed elsewhere) but about missing the part marked in red here:

Compare it with my previous screendump. What’s missing in the former is quite important, isn’t it?

Just in case it matters: the screen resolution is 1280 x 1024.

Yes, I see what you mean. We did that as a design choice. We are not finished with the menu and we see if we put something in the left menu to make up for it.