There was an error with Spam functionality

I’m trying to get setup with runbox but all 3,300+ emails in the spam folder can’t be moved out because I get an error “There was an error with Spam functionality.”.

I’ve turned it for now but how can I get these messages moved so they aren’t deleted?
I even tried within Runbox 6 and there wasn’t a way to move spam messages, unless I didn’t see it.

Also - I only have access to POP for my current email host, the emails being retrieved are using the current date/time instead of the original send date/time. How do I fix that?

Also 2 - I added filters after I setup my POP, how do I force filtering after the fact?

Hello @Jetah and a belated welcome to the community.

Apologies for the delayed response to your post – if you are still having issues moving messages from your Spam folder our technicians can help you with this if you contact Runbox Support and provide your Runbox username. We can then also correct the timestamps of messages imported via POP.

Currently it isn’t possible to filter existing messages in your account, but as mentioned we can help you move messages in bulk between folders.

– Geir

I turned off the spam filter so that they wouldn’t get auto deleted.