This message has no content

I’ve had this message with one message so far, but could get it with more. It is a message from a Sharepoint server with a link to a shared document.

The same message displays in RB6 okay.

I’m happy to get the message to you but this would need to be over a private channel as it contains a link to a private document.

Forgot to say - there is no “HTML” button either, so I cannot try a different view.

I have now received two more emails - from a different sender and nothing to do with Sharepoint - with this message. Still no HTML button to check.

As far as I can see there are no options for viewing headers as per RB6.

(BTW I have Index Synchronisation switched off as it was causing its own problems.)


I have now received an email from another sender which RB7 reports ‘has no content’, bringing the total of different senders to 4.

Happy to supply copies of messages to a private address if someone can tell me where…

I’m surprised that this has not yet been picked up / commented on by RB?

If it’s a known issue can you let me know?


Sorry for the late response on this.

Could you have one or more examples sent to


  • Geir

Hi Geir - three messages sent.

Thanks Richard – unfortunately the forwarded messages don’t seem to contain enough details to figure out what the problem might be.

If they were forwarded from Runbox 7, could you forward a message either from Runbox 6 or from an email client?

Alternatively you may place an example message in a separate folder in your account and we can copy that message on the file system to a test account so that our technicians can investigate it.

  • Geir

Hi Geir

Apologies for the delay, I didn’t get an email alert of your post - not sure why.

I have sent one message from Runbox 6 - can you let me know if it is okay and I’ll send more.


Hello Runbox

I am getting more of these messages now and it is bugging me.

A message that RB7 considers ‘has no content’ but neither does it provide and ‘HTML’ button to view the HTML version.

This is annoying and unnecessary - it means I increasingly have to revert to RB6 or Newton to read my email!

I have sent a RB6 ‘Full headers’ PDF of the most recent message received.

Can you please confirm that you have received this and that it is - or is not - useful?


Hi Richard,

I have seen a few of these messages too but not found a common denominator yet. If you have then it might help us identify the underlying cause.

In the meantime, could you forward the entire message to


  • Geir


I had this problem with some messages from paypal (not all), and I found that the ones that appear with empty content in RB7 was because they contained base64 encoding that was not handled by the mailparser. Mailparser is now fixed to handle this, and my messages from paypal now displays properly. Hope this also solves the case for your messages.