Thunderbird Supernova


Since my Thunderbird got updated a few odd things have happened. First my Runbox inbox and spam got moved to a separate branch of the tree view in the folder pane, separate from all my Google accounts and the sent mailbox appeared in Local Folders.



  • Does WebMail show an inbox and spam under Runbox?
  • Are you using IMAP or POP?
  • How are those folders being synced with your runbox account.

Not knowing your specifics, I would think that anything sent to your runbox address, or filtered to go there, would appear in your runbox inbox and spam would go in the spam folder for Runbox, so I’m not seeing anything odd. Thus, the question is, why is this odd?

Sorry. Didn’t see an email saying therte had been an update.

I was using the same profile for over 15 years. I installed fresh with a new profile and just copied the local folders over and everything was how it should be and now I quite like Supanova.