Toggle folder pane button looks like a menu button

Hello. One thing that I found confusing is that the “Toggle folder pane” hamburger button is the type of three-line button that normally indicates a menu. It would be better if it was a left and right arrow such as this


Already requested without success, here:

Thanks. I later noticed that the Outlook Web App has the same problem.


It’s not the same menu item as the menu “hamburger” but it is similar yes. The < > icon is already used in the interface to given an option to view the source of an email.

We’ll discuss this further to see what options are available to us.

The “Toggle folder pane” icon should be replaced with left/right arrows or triangles.
The current “burger” icon is not intuitive.

(Firefox ESR 52.6 on Windows 7)

This icon was chosen because it indicates a menu, and the left pane is a menu especially on smaller screens where the main menu is shifted there.

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