Toggle to "select all" check boxes

I’ve been offline for a while, and just started using Rubox 7 again. Needed to clean out a backlog of emails - over 100 sitting in my in box.

When I used the toggle to “select all” the check boxes it would only highlight 11 emails at a time. And my account kept syncing, so I I’d lose the selection if the sync popped up before I could delete. It was happening about every 10 seconds, so it started to feel like an arcade game - can I hit delete before the next sync??

Just wondering is the “select all” option should be working and isn’t, or if 11 is the limit…


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Hi Margo and thanks for your message!

The “check all” function should check all currently visible messages.

We have an open feature request that will extend the “check all” functionality with an option to check all messages in the list (visible or not), so this should help when completed:

If your account is synchronizing every 10 seconds without any changes being made on other devices then this is certainly excessive and you can try restarting your browser or stopping and restarting synchronization (bottom left corner, below the folders) if it doesn’t stop by itself.

– Geir


Thank you :slight_smile:

I can only see the option to select “all visible” which literally only selects what you can see on the screen, not even the messages that have scrolled off the bottom of the screen. This is just a few messages. How do I move ALL messages in a given folder from one folder to another? Or delete them all? Or mark all read, etc.?

I’ve moved your comment to this existing topic. I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

You guys have to be kidding, how is a person supposed to manage a folder or inbox with 100s or 1000s of messages?

Doing this with an IMAP client should be an alternative but it often doesn’t work at all and just hangs up.

Managing mail with an IMAP client is certainly an option and many of us on the Runbox team and our customers do exactly this. Which email client are you using? It could be an account specific issue or something related to your connection to our servers in Oslo so you are welcome to contact us at so that we can offer some account specific help with this.

I am using Mac Mail and am on a high speed fiber connection.

Sounds like pretty much the same combination I am using here. I would suggest you contact support if you have IMAP problems so we can look in to this further for you without asking you to reveal private details on this public forum.

Any progress? :angry:-on This is a kind of ridiculous. You want us to use Runbox 7, but basic functions do not work. In the meantime, working on a calendar… I don’t get it. :angry:-off