Top blue menu bar and half-screen windows

Apologies if this has been discussed before - I did an initial search of the forums but could only find one post (from early 2018) that mentioned the issue.

With a widescreen format monitor (16:9), I generally find myself with two windows open (left half, right half). One’s usually a browser and the other is any number of apps. My issue is that when I have Runbox 7 open in the browser in a half-screen-width window, the top blue menu bar disappears (and the sidebar switches into auto-hide mode). Obviously this is by design, as when I slowly resize the window to slightly above half-screen-width, both the sidebar and top menu bar reappear.

It’s not a bug - more of a style issue, but the disappearance of the top menu bar is definitely an annoyance. That bar provides access to configuration, contacts, calendar, files, help etc. Is there a plan / proposal to change this, or is this a style choice that’s set in stone?

Forgot to mention I’m running Waterfox 56.2.12 on Windows 10 x64.


This is something we need to look at because many of the options for the other services are available in that menu bar and it isn’t visible on mobile device screens that are narrow either.

I work the exact same way, and would use a change too.
@tempuser as a temporary solution you may resize the rendering by hitting ctrl+dash (minus).

Dave - thanks for the reply and acknowledgment that this is an issue to be considered by the Runbox team.

ondra - aargh why didn’t I think of that? Seriously thanks thanks thanks for the suggestion - one level of zoom-out on a half-width Waterfox window (1920x1080 desktop) is enough to bring the top menu bar back.