Trying to map my account

Good afternoon!

I’m trying to re-plan my whole email backup strategy from scratch, and to do so it would be convenient to have a map, in effect a listing, of my account folders. Any idea how I could do this easily?


Yes, in Runbox 6 there’s a html page:
You can save it and then parse it. It is somewhat repetitive. Looks like this:

</TR><TR class="folderrow alternate_light rowHighlight">
	<TD class="body">&nbsp;</TD>
	<TD><INPUT type="radio" name="to_folder" id="folder_4280999" value="4280999" onClick="javascript:document.folders.selected_folder.value='d_sortiert.Beruf';"></TD>
	<TD class="body"><IMG src="/_img//tree/line.gif" class="menufolderimg"><IMG src="/_img//tree/minus.gif" class="menufolderimg"><A HREF="/mail/list?folder_id=4280999&amp;of=0&amp;of=3103999&amp;of=4280999" class="menufolder"><IMG src="/_img//tree/folder_tree.png" class="menufolderimg foldericon"></A>        <A HREF="/mail/list?folder_id=4280999&amp;of=0&amp;of=3103999&amp;of=4280999" class="folderlink">
		<span class="folder_id" style="display: none;">4280999</span>
		<span class="folder_name" style="display: none;">d_sortiert.Beruf</span>Beruf        </A>    </TD>    <TD align="right" class="body">0&nbsp;</TD>
	<TD align="right" class="body">0&nbsp;</TD>
	<TD align="right" class="body">0k&nbsp;</TD>    <TD class="body">&nbsp;</TD>

P. S.: Don’t actually klick on a folder if you want to keep your standard opened folder struction in RMM 6. The RMM 6 links are structured like this:

RMM6 remembers your collapsed/uncollapsed folder structure over logins. If you have, let’s say, 50 folders of which 20 are open, and then click on a link like that above, you will loose that information and consequently have to open all these 20 folders manually.
Unfortunately the folder manager seduces you to click on a link and loose your open folder information.

P. P. S.: I wanted to use the old, but pretty nice fsview visualization with that folder view but it would need too much spare time to re-purpose that old file system tool. I planned to feed it with RMM 6 folder structure data instead of trying to cope with IMAP.

Thanks! Just what I needed!