Two questions about the new RB7 app version popup screen

I have a couple questions about the screen that pops up to announce a new RB7 version:

  1. The screen has a link to read the new release notes, but this requires the user to log in. This can be an odd experience, considering that the update screen often pops up before the user has logged in.

  2. What happens if, in response to the update prompt, I’ve accidentally clicked the Later button instead of the Reload Now button? How do I load the new version?


Hello @wmrbf and thanks for your message.

  1. Yes, the changelog could certainly be made available without needing to log in first and an issue for this has now been created here:

  2. The new version of the app will be loaded the next time you reload (or quit and restart) it, as it’s already been downloaded in the background.

– Geir