UI Feedback - No Contrast

Hi there.

I like the overall new look and direction. My main concern at this point with R7 is that the lack of contrast and the abundance of blue (and white) makes everything very difficult to read. Everything is blue! There are no focus points or areas for your eyes to rest. The difference between read/unread is very small. Despite there being a border separation between the main content area and the sidenav they kind off blur into one.

I did see there was a question about themes, but to me this isn’t really a theme problem or matter of swapping a color. The previous version of Runbox does have multiple themes and I think those all also had the above issue.

Hope this isn’t too harsh. I appreciate the ability to provide feedback and understand the challenges of balancing expectations.
Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback!

The simplest alternative would be to switch from blue to black in the message list.

Perhaps you have other suggestions?

  • Geir

Yeah that would help and maybe less active looking read messages