Unable to Post New Topic in Runbox 7

I’m unable to post a new topic in the Runbox 7 section after I posted one a month ago. Is there a duration between post that isn’t obviously posted somewhere?

The “+ New Topic” button is completely gray and wont let me interact, thus my post here.


Hello. You successfully posted a message 21 hours ago here:

So is it another message that you wanted to post and can’t?

That was a message/comment, not a topic. I even mentioned specifically “+ New Topic” is grayed out in the Runbox 7 section.

yes, there’s a new topic I want to discuss, but can’t. although i probably already forgot what the problem was.

Thanks for explaining in a bit more detail. Only Runbox staff can create topics directly under the Runbox 7 topic, but anyone can create topics under Runbox 7 Webmail and Mobile Devices.



Thank you.

I didnt even know those categories were a thing. I just clicked on the big image and didn’t even noticed the 2 below it.

I’m not even sure how I managed to get into the section where I could make a topic the first time.