Unable to use Tasks with Runbox calendar on Thunderbird

Hi there,

I wanted to recently try out using tasks in Thunderbird using my Runbox calendar, such that it would also sync with my cellphone (small side-note, if anybody has a good calendar/tasks app that would have a feature to have an alarm instead of a standard notification).

However, when going to the Tasks section in Thunderbird, I get a message saying “Please select a calendar that supports tasks” on the right of the greyed out button that says “New Task”.

Does Runbox not support this feature, or am I missing something? I’ve been using the web UI and I haven’t been able to find anything that would lead me to say that, and a post from 3 years ago - [link](Please select a calendar that supports tasks) - seems to suggest that this feature is in fact supported.

Okay so I’m using the addon TbSync, and for some reason the Tasks is separated from the Calendar. I’m not sure if this is intended or not, but I would like to have the Tasks associated with each Calendar (e.g.: work tasks and home tasks) if possible.

Is this a limitation with Runbox itself or Thunderbird (more specifically, TbSync)?

Tasks are a special kind of calendar event. How they are presented to you is really down to Thunderbird and the add-on. What I am not clear on is what sort of association you would like given that they aren’t displayed as part of the calendar?

In macOS the default applications (Reminders and Calendar) are actually separate apps but they both use the same CalDAV calendars as that is where the data for both is stored.