Unimportant but bugs me eur/usd

I’m sure I used to see prices in euros; actually I can see that my subsrciption was charged in euros.
Are prices only in dollars now?

I’ve looked at the payment history in my account, and every payment from 2016 to 2020 has been in EUR. I’ve had no transactions since 2020.

However, a test renewal of my account is giving the price in USD.

Edit: Just noticed this in the Runbox blog:


Item #13:

Visual changes (payment): Improve tables and buttons, and default to USD.

If you have previously paid in EUR and that same product is set to auto renew it will renew in EUR. Any manual payments or new products will be charged in USD. Norwegian customers can still pay in NOK.

Hi Dave, your answer isn’t 100% clear. It sounds like USD is the only currency available going forward for new products… is that what you are saying? No other currency is supported? I had chosen a foreign currency to get a better exchange rate, as CAD-to-USD was not the best option.

I know this is not the fault of individual companies, but I really really really wish that customers could always pay in their home currency. It makes accounting and tax calculations so much easier. This is an industry problem that I hope is solved one day. Standardize all international purchases to the home currency.

Yes, that’s correct for customers outside Norway.

Yes, that’s understood. We have discussed the possibility of doing this with Runbox products but haven’t come to any conclusions yet. That said, you should be able to pay with a card in your home currency with the bank doing the conversion and the converted amount would be the figure you would use in your accounting.

I just renewed using a prepaid card, and a day later I then have a currency conversion fee. For my purposes it doesn’t really amount to much but it does mean I end up paying a different amount to the advertised price. However for others 2% on top of the stated fee is possibly quite a lot extra. More of a problem for me in this instance is that I had less on the prepaid card than I expected when I went shopping, which means I had to use use another payment. I don’t know if this transaction fee is from the card provider or Runbox, either way it was a bit perplexing.

That sounds a whole lot grumpier than I actually feel. If I paid in NOK I would still have to pay the conversion fee, I just feel that everything/many things seem to be in dollars on the net even when they are Europe/not-USA based. However, looking at the forum I can see that a lot of Runbox’s customers are in the US, and the marketing appears to be aimed towards that customer base, so it makes sense for prices to be in Dollars. Anyway I find Runbox to be worth renewing my account.

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So having reread this thread, if i had selected autorenew I would have paid in Euros but now that I have manually renewed all my future payments will be in Dollars.