Unread in folders other than inbox

New unread e-mails that have been filtered into folders other than inbox, do not show up on the interface (folder name is not highlighted/bold to indicate new messages) until the folder name is clicked on.

Anyone else having this problem?

Same thing here. Only the folders (with unread messages) are not highlighted even when I click on it. Observed in Firefox Quantum 58.0.2 (64-bit) on Windows 10 Pro.

Indication of new messages in the folder list has not been implemented yet. This could be done by using a bold font face, by showing the unread count, or by using an icon next to the folder – or a combination thereof.

I’d be interested in hearing how you would like to see this implemented (without cluttering the interface)? :slight_smile:

  • Geir

I think that bold along with unread count (as it is in RB6) would do just fine.

I tried checking/ticking the box in top right corner “Show only unread messages” to see if the the unread e-mails in folders other than inbox showed up, but they didn’t.

Perhaps to BOLD the folder name with the unread e-mails, and/or the ability for checking/ticking the unread messages box to show them.

I agree with psyquint. Keep it the same way as RB6. It works well. Bold the folder and then have 2 numbers 1 for new mail and 1 for total mail in that folder.

I agree with nathaniel and psyquint as well.

Yes, all you need is to make it look like the current layout:

  • Make nesting more prominent, take some space off - all my folders don’t fit any more, with the new padding heights.
  • Make bolding more promiment. aka make the non-bold weight of the Roboto you’re using like 100, because it’s far too thick as a baseline right now
  • Add both counters - the total and new.