Unresponsive support after asking for a refund

Three weeks ago I tried upgrading my account to a paid subscription (using Litecoin), but ended up overpaying. This seems to have caused more issues than I would have expected. After talking to support for a week, I decided it was best to move on and asked for a refund - and haven’t heard from support since. That was almost two weeks ago.

This is the support ticket: #PQB-544-87549

I know this is probably not the best place for this topic, but I hope people will understand; support, which I imagine would be the best place for account related stuff, isn’t answering after all. Any suggestions on how to solve this issue are welcome. Thank you.

We monitor the forum in case support issues come up here and I have checked that ticket. We haven’t forgotten about it and we will be in touch as soon as we have a resolution to the issue of the refund.

We haven’t forgotten you but apologise for the delay in acknowledging your messages on the support system which normally we would have done before now.

Alright, thanks Dave.

I’ve asked Dave to reopen this thread just to say that the issue has been resolved, and that I’ve received the refund. Turns out it was an issue with Coinbase (and having dealt with Coinbase and Coinbase support before, I understand the delay ; ).

Thanks guys, and take care.