Using 2FA when doing international travel

I am using Authy for my 2FA. Has anyone used 2fa while travelling across different time zones. From some comments on the web it seems it can be an issue but it is not clear what the issue is or how to manage the matte. From what I can vaguely understand it is about the 2FA software and device being out of sinc in terms of time so one cannot log onto. Any thoughts welcome

I frequently use Authy and 1Password for TOTPs in various different timezones and have never had a problem doing so. I haven’t tried this with Runbox specifically, however, as I only recently got an account.

From my own experience with Authy across two time zones I can say I never actually thought about it and never had any problems with multiple Runbox accounts. The time zones are one hour apart which is more than enough to cause a problem, and in each case my phone and laptop (which both have Authy) worked fine.

@kenfran from what you are saying you haven’t had a problem yet but are just asking because of comments you’ve seen elsewhere?

I wonder if a problem can be caused if you manually set the time but don’t change the time zone (I’ve never tried to do that before). Something for me to go away and test perhaps :slight_smile:

There has been no problem at this point but we are about to do some extended period travelling and i read on some blog about the 2FA can be a problem on some occasions across time zones as the app and the providers time do not sync, But if you andgtf21 have never had a problem I am hoping it should work without problems across multiple timezone and at worse it may just mean I need to check my time on device is correct.

Please let us know how you get on with this. I don’t recall us receiving any support issues regarding time zone problems, so the chances are you won’t have any problems (famous last words).

Time zone changes do not seem to cause any problems with 2FA Timed One-Time Passwords. If you are still concerned about this and plan to use the same device(s) when traveling, utilizing the Trusted Browsers feature can be helpful.

– Geir

If I remember correctly TOTPs are generated from the numbers of seconds sins
January 1. 1970 Universal time. So not taking dates, time zones and so on into account.

I’m sure there are many such systems, but I bet the principle is the same, sins the internet works.