[UX REQUEST] fix current view in contact list after selecting a contact

If you have a long list of contacts in RB7 and you select one contact, this will display the contact details in the preview pane, but the current view of the contact list will then move to the top of the list again. This means you will have to scroll down again if you have accidentally selected the wrong contact or maybe you just want to choose the next contact in the list. The selection view in the contact list should not be reset after choosing a conract and it should always keep the last view.

Thanks for letting us know about this. Would you like to create an issue for this at https://github.com/runbox/runbox7 or would you prefer us to do that for you using the text of your original message here?

Hi @Dave, I would be very happy if you can create an issue for my initial request, because I do not have a Github account. Feel free to copy and paste all of that information. Thanks a lot for your effort!